Contemporary and modern kitchens: what is the difference?

To differentiate between modern and contemporary can be tough. Sometimes a single space be used in both modern and in a contemporary way. Contemporary means current whereas modern refers to a design style from early to the mid-20th century.

modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchens:

A modern kitchen will have a flat paneled door. This door is also referred to as slab door style. A modern kitchen will have a frameless cabinet construction that is fully over laid. This cabinet style is frequently used in modern kitchens as it is considered to be sleeker. The hardware used in a modern kitchen is also very sleek and simple. Most of the hardware will be seen integrated into the cabinet. Modern kitchens usually lack ornamentation. A modern kitchen lacks different patterned tile shapes or other different materials. The flat paneled door of modern kitchens are complimented with deign free simple countertops. Modern kitchens completely rely on the beauty and simplicity of natural materials. This is not a hard and fast rule that modern kitchens are completely devoid of ornamentation. They are decorated nicely. However when the need for ornamentation arises, a modern kitchen will seek beauty from natural elements. An interesting feature of all modern kitchens is their go towards horizontal direction only. You might not notice it at first but if you look at them closely, you will find out that they have a tendency towards horizontal. There would be long wide lines everywhere around you. Neatly stacked rows of drawers and hardware arranged in a long and horizontal sequence to compliment the long running cabinets.

Contemporary kitchens:

Contemporary kitchens tend to be one step ahead of modern kitchens. All the cutting edge appliances will be seen nicely fitted in contemporary kitchens. Contemporary kitchens are all about sleek and stylish appliances. They would be equipped with high performance hoods, built in coffee makers, induction cook tops and a lot more. Contemporary kitchens are not just about high performance appliances but also more sleek appliances. Contemporary is basically old things used in a new and better way. Contemporary kitchen will have concrete and glass countertops. Some house owners have even switched to quartz countertops which are just a onetime investment and gives a look of original stone at the countertop. Concrete countertops once used to be only in the gray color but are now available in a wide array of colors. They are seen to be more light weight and durable. When it comes to backsplash, a modern kitchen will only have a full length concrete or marble back splash. However, in a contemporary kitchen, you will find an ornamented backsplash. Glass tiles, stone tiles or ceramic tiles in a mosaic manner are the favorite in contemporary kitchen. Contemporary kitchens basically allow the owner to indulge their own taste. Contemporary kitchens will be seen equipped with all updated accessories and gadgets.  Aluminum appliances, hidden outlets, glass front doors, under cabinet lighting all add up to the features of contemporary kitchens.